Itz Cash Card Ltd., a pioneer in the prepaid payment sector in India, initiated the concept of prepaid payment solution to the Indian consumer and various business entities heralding the beginning towards enabling a cashless transacting society. Itz Cash continues to build on its innovation augmenting its product portfolio, expanding the card distribution network and continuing to provide robust technology driven service delivery platforms. It constantly invests in upgrading technology towards creating world class prepaid payments solutions architecture of the future.

Itz Cash Card Ltd., a part of the highly diversified Essel Group - a business conglomerate, is headed by Naveen Surya, Managing Director. Itz Cash Card recorded a turnover of over Rs. 3000 crores (USD 67.4 mn) in the financial year 2010-11.

The Vision:

Itz Cash has a vision to empower each and every Indian citizen with a prepaid payment -instrument, thus giving the convenience to transact for digital or physical commerce transactions to avail any kind of goods and services.

More than 8 million unique active users and rapidly increasing

Processes more than 1 lakh transactions daily

Processes more than Rs. 100 mn - Rs. 150 mn worth transactions daily

Largest payment gateway on IRCTC (online railway ticket booking in India) amongst 34 odd payment gateways.

Issued the Certificate of Authorisation, by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007.

ItzCash Objective

ItzCash objective is to introduce multipurpose stored value card of various denomination which can be used to purchase various goods and services from affiliated merchants based on anywhere, anytime concept, which would result in increased sales for all affiliated merchants and better safety and convenience for the consumer.

ItzCash Opportunity

ItzCash offers opportunities to various business organizations to sell their product, services to consumer without any incremental investment from their side. ItzCash is helping business organizations to expand markets, supporting sales channels convergence with its payments convergence.